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If you’re anything like me, you know what it feels like to be an ambitious go getter and always have the highest standards for yourself. . . Which is why it’s frustrating when you can no longer have the energy to train the way you used to.

Whether you are tired of being tired, tired of being injured and staring at the TV screen, or experiencing health challenges that have you staring at your expanding belly, and unable to wear your favorite clothes. . .

This isn’t you at all! Feeling at odds with your body and yourself feels frustrating and leaves you in doubt about who you are anymore.

You’ve known yourself as a confident, strong and powerful athlete.

So feeling less than BADASS in your body had you feeling confused, and maybe even a little depressed.

If you’re in a constant battle or fight with yourself and/or your body, it’s your mindset that’s being challenged and likely holding you back.

Your mindset is what you think about yourself, and in this case. . . your mindset as it relates to your body, health and fitness. If you’re healing an injury or recovering from a health challenge {past or present}, it’s also how you’re thinking as you step back into action.

Your mind will talk you out of all sorts of things. It will have you overthinking, fearing, justifying, judging and looking at most things as “Good/Bad,” “Right/Wrong.” Waiting till later. Thinking about how things used to be.

Your mind wants to keep you safe and comfortable where you are. Even if where you are isn’t where you desire being.

This is especially true after an injury or health challenge because your body has been in protective mode to help you heal physically.

If you REALLY want your sexy back, it all begins with your mindset!

Hear me out on this. . .

You know WHAT to do, shoot you’ve done it all your life. The REAL problem is, getting yourself to do it, better yet, believing it’s even worth it to try.

Which is why the strategy is the easier part of the two, and even that shifts over time, the real kicker, is in the way you think about what you need to do.

And if we’re being completely real here —> THAT’S THE REAL PROBLEM.

It’s about consistent, sustainable actions <— But who can be consistent if you’re constantly feeling up and down about what you’re doing and doubting if it’s even worth it?

Which is why, what you really need is. . . A combo pack of mindset training + the proper strategy to get you where you want to be: Putting on your favorite outfit, to experience the feeling of knowing you look STRONG + SEXY even before looking in the mirror. You can tell by how you feel, how good you look!

Also, the numerous compliments don’t hurt either!  The belly that used to annoy you is a thing of the past.

Let’s look under the hood of why it’s so hard to maintain consistency with a shi**y mindset.

The real problem is what used to be fun isn’t fun anymore.

The old way of feeling strong + energized just isn’t doing it for you, and the new way isn’t completely clear.

It’s like your identity is in question so you’re not even sure how to move forward.

You have a hard time getting motivated, and that’s not like you at all!

Your injury and/or belly seems to stare you in the face every time you train and your eating is off.

You don’t even know how to go about recovering completely, even though you’ve seen practitioners which had helped a little, but you’re wondering if you’ll just have to deal with feeling this way forever.

All you want is to feel like yourself again, get back to feeling healthy, and in the groove of a fun + consistent training routine.

You want this injury to be a thing of the past, and get back to a life filled with play, joy, adventure with a body you can be proud of.

You want to bring the sexy back, just like JT.

And girl, that starting with actually wanting to workout again!

See you can either keep battling yourself, feeling frustrated, angry OR you can learn to love the process and find a new way of doing things. . .

Where you and your body are in sync. Doing the activities you love. Feeling STRONG, SEXY + MOTIVATED!

You want your injury or health challenge to stop ruling your life.

Let me introduce you to Your Inner Athlete, a reliable {playful + cooperative} teammate on your mission to no longer let a past injury or health challenge hold you back.

You get to move forward with a new connection where you can train, feel like a BADASS with a great a$$, creating the body and life you enjoy again!

Which is exactly what I teach in. . . THE INNER ATHLETE ADVANTAGE program!

One thing I see when people have been injured is that they don’t have the proper tools + support, AND it’s really their mindset keeping them from getting back into action – – fully feeling like themselves again.

And I know when you’ve been able to do things a certain way for so long, when you can’t any longer, or it no longer feels easy and fun, no matter what the reason is, it effects your mental fitness and physical fitness.

Now it’s time to create a NEW identity because you’re not the same person with the same motivations.

Meeting, deeply knowing {deeper than you think }, and working with your Inner Athlete will get you hooked on the true story of your body.

One that’s PHYSICAL, PERSONAL, and CONNECTED to the experience of your unique HUMAN SPIRIT.

No matter what your story is. . . Let’s shift away from all the judgement, punishment, restriction and control
lead you into the freedom of feeling STRONG, ENERGETIC and CONFIDENT in your body.
It’s time to bring the SEXY BACK!

Ready to bring the sexy back, and kiss settling with the belly bulge + judgement goodbye?

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