The Benefits of Group Exercise

Did you know that it’s been proven that people who work out in groups are more likely to push themselves harder, stay more consistent and have more fun? Today I want to share what I’ve noticed with my clients when they choose to work out in a group.

Have Fun

Right now I have a small group of 3 girls who love working out together. They’ve been a huge inspiration to me, because every time they finish the work out, they schedule something social.

After one of our workouts, they hung out on the porch and drank wine together (now, drinking wine right after you work out is another story entirely!). They were laughing and having a great time together for a couple hours.

Since they know their friends will be at the work out, these girls are way more likely to show up than if they were just going to do the elliptical machine at the gym.

Rather than plodding along all by themselves, they get to laugh with their buddies as we do challenging exercises. What a better way to spend a beautiful day than with friends in healthy activities.

Stay Accountable

We all know what happens when you say to yourself, “I’ll get to the gym today… at some point.” That’s usually an early warning sign that you won’t be going to the gym that day!

When you have a regularly scheduled group workout in place, you’ve already penciled in the time. Mentally, you’ll know you’re busy during those hours, so you won’t schedule anything else on top of it.

Not to mention that if you have buddies in the group, they will be disappointed if you don’t show up. How’s that for accountability? You wouldn’t want to let down your friend, would you?

Work Harder

When you work out alone, you know that no one is watching. Unconsciously you are more likely not to push yourself to the max when you start to feel tired.

The opposite has been shown to happen with group workout participants. People work harder in class because they see someone else pushing themselves and feel inspired (or competitive, but both motivations achieve the same result)!

So, now that I’ve told you there’s a way to work out harder, more consistently, and more fun, do you want to try it? Join us starting June 7th for a ridiculously fun outdoor group work out session.

Listen to these ladies as they share just what you’ll get!

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