Take A 10-Minute Recess!


This week’s Just The Tip… Take A 10-Min Recess

The cool thing about kiddos is they are superb at self regulating – they listen to hunger cues, indulge without guilt and are incapable of sitting still. This is also true of your inner athlete, so don’t leave him or her sidelined as the “professional plate cleaner” or “couch potato” this Thanksgiving and holiday season!

Get outside or even better… head to a playground with your family to run though this fun circuit! If it’s cold where you live, I know you can find some space inside to have some fun too.

Frog Jumps 30-seconds
Crab Walk 30-seconds
Hopscotch 1-minute
Bear Crawl 30-seconds
Skip 1-minute
Jump Rope 1-minute

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