Compete Like You’re In First Place, Train Like You’re In Second

As an experienced trainer, I know what can happen from bad training and bad form. I’m trained to watch and correct form, so when I see it occurring in the gym, it actually pains me to watch! I try not to look, but it’s my job, and so often I can’t help but want to rush over and stop them, add corrections, help – especially older adults and at-risk populations. And for the show-offs who don’t know any better, plain don’t care (and ruin it for the rest of us), it only takes one or two of them to turn the weight room into a sea of douche baggery – and instead I should rush in with a lifeboat, paddle and name of a good physical therapist. Or maybe just hang a sign as a warning to others…

Warning: Filming A Facebook Video of Hot Mess in Progress. Do Not Try This At Home!!!  

Convulsing, Contorting, Chicken Necking

Form, focus and control are essential for growth and healthy progress. Often our eagerness to achieve results – or lack of awareness and knowledge – can lead to convulsing, contorting and chicken necking (among other form violations). We’ve all seen people at the gym who look as if they are convulsing, contorting or chicken necking their way through an exercise. Maybe you have felt this way at one point or another. It’s OK – there’s a learning curve for sure, and it’s not always easy to see an exercise and repeat it on your own without direct feedback and practice. Learning and executing proper form and movement patterns is important to achieving results and avoiding injury. The 3 C’s should only be performed on the dance floor – late night – in the dark, dark.

While you may be tempted to go along and imitate the bad form of the “hot messes” out there, your workout is a chance to take yourself seriously. Your form matters. It carries into everything you do in life.

Showing off, trying to impress others and jumping on the latest fitness fads may be tempting, but they are no substitute for what the masters have taught for thousands of years. Conscious, mindful and intentional training creates a conscious, aware athlete and enables power, efficiency and even grace (like the flow of a pro running back). Give yourself permission to train in an optimal way. This leads to lasting, healthy results from your training and creates more power and energy in your daily life and athletics.

Get Jiggy With It 

Here’s a great rowing series that is an example of training for coordinated movements, especially athletic endeavors that demand overhead skill and power. A total body movement excellent for posture, shoulder mobility, core control under tension and a healthy spine. The at home mat version of this rowing series can be done by tying a medium thera band around a sturdy pole or object about foot height.

Making sure our bodies are properly prepared for the stress placed upon it both inside and outside the gym is vital for a pain-free quality of life. A strong back and healthy shoulders are important for avoiding crappy trappy and/or shoulder impingement that can occur when pushing or pressing with improper form, and with heavy load as muscle fatigue sets in. Shoulder impingement accounts for 40-65 percent of reported shoulder pain and often persists for up to a year in some cases – National Academy of Sports Medicine. Persistent shoulder pain can result in degenerative changes to shoulder structure and mechanics.

Everybody needs a partner or trainer to help with proper form and muscle activation — even me! I’m open to trying new forms of exercise to enhance my training, and I love learning new ways of working. My clients benefit directly because I can always teach new things to help them grow! Form & Function = RESULTS. Are you seeing the results you desire? Leave a comment below!


As the great Warren Buffett says, “3 up, 0 down” … 
If your training isn’t yielding results – train smarter.

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