The Holidays Are Hectic: How Can You Fit It All In?

People often tell me they are “busy” and this often means they “don’t find it possible” to make any sort of change in their daily routine. They don’t even have time “think” about it! Funny thing is… CHANGE is exactly what they need!!! I understand the feeling of overwhelm and believing you can’t fit one more thing in your day, even if it’s small. Often times we feel this way because our sympathetic nervous system is running the show, which means cortisol – a stress hormone – is coursing through our bodies. Allowing our fast-paced, always busy and stressed lifestyle rule us can effect our weight, immune function and increase our risk for chronic disease. So how can you reduce anxiety and stress without relying on delicious holiday desserts as your coping strategy, and fit it all in?


Of course diet, exercise and meditation are very powerful tools, however I’m going to give you another exercise that can be added to the mix. This tip can be especially helpful if you find yourself pushing workouts, healthy eating, meditation and self-care to the side when things get hectic. One very simple self-care task I complete nightly is pre-planning my day. Sounds boring and nerdy, I know, but it’s a game changer. I call it my List of Absolutes! It’s a list of all the tasks that absolutely need to be completed the next day, and includes work and personal/self-care tasks. Why the list of absolutes? Well… we all have never ending TO-DO Lists that leave us feeling overwhelmed, never caught up, always behind – there is no success in a never ending TO-DO List. And… there’s always something to do! No fun. So yeah, planning may be boring and nerdy, but it leaves me feeling AWESOME & ACCOMPLISHED EVERY DAMN DAY! Being realistic with myself also helps me from creating extreme expectations for the day. This list prioritizes tasks and self-care, and also helps maintain balance and focus when things pop up out of nowhere, like they so often do. I always stick to my list of absolutes unless it’s ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to put out a fire.  A very smart and successful business coach I look up to said, “All success starts with looking within, understanding your priorities and setting the right intention.” I invite you to spend some down time each evening to create your list of absolutes or list for success – whatever you want to call it! Take a look at Ben Franklin’s list, it includes work, self-care, dining, reflection and sleep. Leave a comment below – share your list or tell me if you want to start planning your days!
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