T.G.I.F Gratitude Practice

Right now I’m reading Brene Brown’s, Gifts of Imperfection, and she has a gratitude practice that I am trying out and sharing with you!

T = What I’m Trusting
G = What’ I’m Grateful For
I = What Inspires Me
F = How I’m Practicing Faith

So this week…

  • I’m Trusting my Intuition about an opportunity that came about this week.
  • I’m Grateful for Living In My Purpose. I no longer question what I should be doing because I’m doing what I love. However, that doesn’t mean that I never question how to allow my practice to play out. 
  • I’m Inspired by Commitment. I like seeing it in others and in myself. Commitment isn’t always easy, but once you’re in the options are limitless. 
  • I’m practicing Faith by Sharing my journey with others in the hopes that it helps one, if not many, people. 

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