In this week’s Just The Tip, I want to share what’s been up for me and some of my clients… RELATIONSHIPS!

Your relationship with self is strongly linked to overall HEALTH.

I love relationships! In the past I would not have said this because I was often confused and scared of stepping on toes, no matter who it was. However, I would have said that I love working with people and building relationships. Now there’s dichotomy for ya! What’s funny is … I was recently asked, “how did the old Ashley show up versus how you show up now?” And the words I used to capture “old Ashley” were: reserved and frustrated. And today: honest with kindness, open and more free. To get here I needed to completely reboot my operating system!

{My friend and colleague, Carla recently published an article that speaks to this so brilliantly, check it out!She says, “The beliefs you hold about yourself (usually the unconscious ones) influence how you act and communicate with others. If you hold back, thinking you have to go-with-the-flow or not share what you really think, no one gets to know the real you…especially your romantic partners. What I know for sure is that relationships start to fall apart quickly when you hide your true feelings and stay quiet!”

This will not shock you… BUT in all relationships we spend energy. AND over the long haul our relationship with self, and our relationship with others will demand a reboot or reorganization – growth and change always bring this about. This change can often leave one party frustrated, yet that doesn’t mean the other party didn’t have the right to change their mind, direction, etc. So here’s my challenge to you….

Is there an area of your life or a relationship that needs a reboot? 

How can you step-up in a bigger way for yourself and others? 

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