How to Stay Motivated When Life Gets Overwhelming!

We’ve all been here – things don’t go as planned, we’re over thinking and stressing about everything. OVERWHELM! The hamster needs to step off its wheel already!

It’s hard making a decision about anything – let alone what to eat. This is when we call a trusted friend and go out for drinks or sit down in front of the TV and numb our mind with food.

We react in one of two ways when overwhelmed:

  1. We freeze up, can’t make decisions, avoid issues, and hope the problem will go away – which causes an  undercurrent of depression and helplessness.
  2. We make snap, emotionally based decisions – that come from a place of fear – which often creates even more problems. This type of reaction often results is emotional eating.


Luckily, there’s a third option!  It’s choosing what we focus on.  It’s that simple! The #1 factor in determining happiness is how we direct our thoughts.

YOU and only you are responsible for the series of decisions and these decisions direct and determine the course of YOUR day. YOU can choose to focus on the negative, and keep attracting it. Or YOU can focus on possibilities – on what’s good in your life –

PRACTICE GRATITUDE. The energy you choose is the energy you project – and the energy you attract.

Boxing is an activity that allows me to refocus my energy. If you’ve ever taken a boxing class you know it requires intense focus and discipline so you simply don’t hurt yourself or the person you’re partnered with. It’s energizing and develops MAD shoulder, back and core strength.  

It also creates mental clarity – punching is very therapeutic! The thing I’m all wound up about before class begins, dissipates and leaves me with the feeling of accomplishment and having done something awesome & healthy for myself!

Remember the emotional eating downfalls I mentioned?  What activity helps refocus your attention? 

If you can’t pinpoint one, I challenge you to find one! This way you can stop yourself from mindlessly eating a bag of cookies, chips, a pint of ice cream or drinking too much.  I’m not saying – don’t enjoy yourself, food and life – I AM saying, don’t let your emotions constantly drive the bus. Become aware of when this begins happening and take a different course of action.

When you feel out of sorts… remind yourself, “I’M IN CONTROL! Sometimes things get overwhelming and off track, that’s life! I’m a positive, happy person – I’m human and make mistakes, just like everyone else”.

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