Winter Wellness + Immunity Boosters

During this time of year your inner athlete is screaming — “I don’t want to get sick!” And since this is when germs abound and life is busier than ever, I’ve put together my absolute favorite immunity boosters. I use these throughout the year, and make sure not to miss taking them during winter months or when traveling. 

1. Proglucamune: This is a new favorite. It is best when used regularly to build immunity, this isn’t one of those supplements that is good to take when you are already sick — this one you need to take now to prevent being sick. Holistic Health Insurance 🙂

2. Booster C Packets: You can make a “tea” out of this immunity booster and sip on instead of caffeinated coffee or tea. This is super potent vitamin C blend, so it’s great to keep on hand for when you are feeling like you might be getting sick.

3. Proflavanol C100 or C200: Add this to your My Health Pack right away as it is my long-time trusted go-to for immunity. I take it daily, but increase my dose when I am traveling, feeling like I may be getting sick, or know I’ll be around a lot of people – especially kiddos.

4. Vitamin D: An excellent immune booster for daily use. Up your dose in the winter months or if you don’t spend much time outside in general.

5. Probiotics: Keeping your gut healthy is one thing that most people forget about — yet it is directly related to our overall health, immunity, ability to cope with stress, and mental focus.

In addition to working hard to keep my immune system working properly, I swear by Inner Athlete Self Care as a means to staying healthy and less stressed. And it’s true! Taking down time, getting ample sleep, sticking to an exercise routine, and having one MySmart Shake smoothie per day are some of my little “secrets” to staying healthy + feeling energetic though the holidays, and all year long.

Wishing you the healthiest, happiest, holiday season yet!

***The recommended supplement regimen, as well as, links to order personalized and customized supplement packs from USANA Health Sciences, my trusted supplement product partner.***

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