Life Lessons Through Athletics

A Decision Is A Conclusion Based On Everything You Believe About Yourself – A Course In Miracles

I learned so much in January! I was able to see my work manifest through others and this taught me how important sharing the Inner Athlete message truly is. This may sound silly, but here’s the thing, I know what I know though education, I know what works for me personally, I know what I see from observing human behavior, yet this is all an experiment! An experiment about how the Inner Athlete Method can motivate people to change, become more confident, and approach their life, health and fitness differently. Here’s what I learned hosting four Meet Your Inner Athlete workshops over the past two months, I was pleasantly surprised by the brilliance that occurred. 

These were the common themes expressed at each workshop, and these themes follow what I see when working with clients one-to-one, especially women:

  • We compare ourselves to others 
  • We’re either “good” or “bad” and we want to do things perfectly
  • We’re not good enough, especially when we perceive others doing it better 
  • We don’t set healthy boundaries, and this leaves us drained 
  • We GIVE {masculine trait} and rarely allow ourselves to RECEIVE {feminine trait} 
  • We have trouble saying NO
  • We beat ourselves up!

Do you see the problem here? We make choices/decisions based on beliefs we have about ourselves. That means we choose/decide how well we take care of ourselves or how crappy we treat ourselves. No wonder we lose the strength, energy and aliveness that are hallmarks of our Inner Athlete! The good news is our Inner Athlete can help point us in another direction!


I want to share a few takeaways for those who attended the Meet Your Inner Athlete workshop. 

“Meeting MY Inner Athlete helped me become more aware about how growing this relationship can help me in business. I didn’t realize how I am holding myself back. The Meet Your Inner Athlete workshop helped me draw connections between my fitness, my thoughts, and how I’m showing up to run my business.” – Amanda W.

“I wanted to Meet My Inner Athlete because I appreciate Ashley’s philosophy, opinions and advice. I really enjoyed that the movement portion was meditative, it allowed me to listen to what my inner athlete needs. The workshop motivated me to look at how I can diversify my training schedule to support my tennis game and weekend ski pursuits. I’m in the process of re-defining my new normal when it comes to health and fitness.” – Kim J.

“Super helpful. This course was recommended by my physical therapist because I tend to push my body to limits that cause it to fight back with reoccurring injuries. I was immediately able to give my internal thoughts an identity, and this helps me not to be so hard on myself for not being “perfect” or able to perform at high levels of intensity – always. I’m finding that I take things less personally because I’m more aware of my triggers {what’s occurring} and how my Inner Athlete can help me pivot.” – Alexa P.

“The Meet Your Inner Athlete was helpful in showing me the next best steps to becoming more consistent with my health and fitness routine. I really enjoyed the movement portion, and realized I need more workouts like it to rehab the injuries I’m experiencing. I’m motivated to seek out more support to heal my body.” – Jen B.

“Thanks Ash! It was awesome and made me think. I had a great conversation with my therapist about “I’m not _________ enough.” -Katie M.


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