Forget The Resolutions

Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I’ve come across a handful of posts suggesting we ditch New Year resolutions. I completely agree! This train of thought led me straight to a social post I wrote last year at this time. And this year I’m going to provide a twist on this wise message…

I’ve never been into resolutions and either has my inner athlete. For one, if I feel the need to make  a change in any area of my life, I don’t wait for Monday or the New Year to start. I do it right then and there. Of course I may fall down, but I get back up, and keep going. My inner athlete feels the same about health, it’s not a start and stop time frame for us, and the story isn’t one of restriction at certain times of the year. It’s about doing our best in the here and now.

Every year people worldwide resolve to overcome “unhealthy” habits by way of restriction. I’m going to be “good” and not eat “bad” foods. I’m going to be “good” and workout everyday, etc. 
Here are powerful ways to re-frame these typical thought patterns:
Typical Thought                                                 Powerful Re-Frame            
Right/Better                                                       Effective
Wrong/Worse                                                     Not Effective
Good                                                                   It Works For Me
Bad                                                                      It Doesn’t Work For Me
Source: Now Or Never by Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles

Let’s instead vow to begin Inner Athlete-ING in 2017! Consider what works for you. Experiment. Play. Choose to ADD things that excite you. Go ahead. Do it. Here’s your permission!

What will you ADD to upgrade your health and take steps toward Inner Athlete-ING in 2017?

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“The secret to health does not lie in avoiding things that erode health; Rather, it lies in pursuing the things that create vitality.” – Jonathan Ross

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