Cultivate Patience

Because there’s no quick fix! Let’s face it… WE ALL WANT… WHAT WE WANT AND… WE WANT IT NOW! It’s that small child aspect of ourselves that craves instant gratification. Instant healing, knowing and change. Except there’s always a great lesson accompanied with patience. It’s where we grow. It’s where miracles happen. It’s where illnesses and wounds heal. It’s where difficult problems are solved. It’s where a healthy, sustainable life is created! Too much impatience in any aspect of our lives can lead to unhealthy thoughts, actions and going through the motions on auto pilot. Possibly even over consuming Snickers.

How can you cultivate more patience in your life and/or with yourself?
Check-in and identify what has you in a state of hurry, multi-tasking, overwhelm, auto pilot and worry. Then be patient with patience, it’s a change in attitude and being.

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