Accountability Is The Name Of The Game

We all have our reasons for wanting to be in great shape. Some people love the feeling of slipping into a smaller pair of jeans, other people love being super confident all the time, and some people want to run races and win.

Whatever your reason, every single person I know has days where they just don’t want to work out. It’s human nature to forget our initial motivation and want to stay on the sofa instead of putting on our gym shoes and heading out the door.

In order to head off this quitting mentality, it’s important to put some accountability structure in place. Here are some ideas of how to make sure you’ll stay on track even when you reeeally don’t want to.

Group Activities

It’s a lot more fun to work out in a group than on your own. In fact, I recently wrote an entire blog post about it! Check it out HERE.

In the post, I specifically talk about the social aspect of group exercise. When feeling like you just don’t have it in you, you’re way more likely to show up if you know your best friend is waiting for you.

Normally group classes tend to be the same people on the same days, so you’ll get to know other participants in class and it can be a lot of fun. I know clients who have become close friends through their work out classes and depend on one another to stay in the zone.

Work With A Trainer

When you’re further along in your exercise journey and preparing for a race, whether it be running, swimming, biking or some other form of competition, a trainer can be really helpful.

You have a set time to be there and you know that they will be waiting for you if you don’t show up. And it can annoy your trainer if you continually cancel. It may get you fired as a client. 

Trainers are really imperative when it comes to pushing yourself to improve your time or lift more weight. They will always push you outside your comfort zone so you can truly be your best competitor.

Accountability Buddy

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have another person to exercise with. One of my mom’s coworkers is on a weight loss regime, and asked my mom to walk with her during their lunch break.
It works out perfectly because my mom wants to get away from the computer at least once during her day. I always remind her how important it is to move her body and breathe outside air!
Now, when one buddy doesn’t want to go, the other comes along as a reminder why they started in the first place. What a great system!

My Accountability

Sure I’m capable of working out on my own, but I usually choose not to. I love doing one-on-one sessions with my Pilates trainer. It keeps me accountable and she pushes me (and I also prepaid, so I’m not going to ditch out on that!). I love showing up knowing she’s already planned out our hour. All I have to do is be a good sport and follow instructions. Plus, I learn a lot about myself and ways to challenge others!
How do you stay accountable? Need help getting on track? Contact me today and we can figure out a way to help you work out smarter and more consistently.

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