About The Inner Athlete

The Inner Athlete is your most resilient self – most vital, alive and strong. Your most playful, curious and enthusiastic. Your Inner Athlete embodies a hard to fail inner life. One that wants to keep doing better and better. Not only does your Inner Athlete care about performing better, it cares about how much you play. 

Your Inner Athlete comes from a place of courage, inner authority and self mastery. Being a beginner is necessary part of the journey. Its strength and power is known and remains unbroken in the face of adversity.

What I know for sure is… if it doesn’t motivate you, it won’t move you! Consider that your Inner Athlete wants to eat and train for whatever it is you desire. Whether you’re training for a marathon, training to go dancing, or training to stand up without experiencing pain in your knees. YOUR Inner Athlete’s only desire is that you get moving! 

Athletes Eat & Train, They Don’t Diet & Exercise

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