Reflect Like A Boss


The past week has been interesting in the sense that things around me are shifting. I’ve done a lot of work over the past year personally and professionally. There were wins, loses and complete stalls. But with shifts, there’s magic. And without leaving you with an image of me pulling a rabbit out of a hat… believe me when I say that this magical shift wasn’t overnight and it’s still unfolding.

Here’s what came up… which brings me to this week’s Just The Tip! Reflect like a boss. To me this means that once you do the work, all while aligning to your truth, it’s witnessing when the universe reflects your truth back to you.

I’m going to be super honest here… I’ve never had any intention in my life to be a “trainer.” I get it as an identifiable term, however it’s not me or the essence of what I’m about. It’s why you won’t find me hanging out at the gym “training” people all day. Training folks is a piece of what I enjoy doing, but the bread and butter for me is education and advocacy for sustainable health and fitness. And thriving as much as possible though health challenges.

So short story long. I’m doing my thing growing personally and professionally, but still unsure if what I know within me is seen by others – which is my limiting belief. Because people see it, but it’s only now that I’m shifting and seeing the magic myself.

I often need BIG PROOF and here are a few reflections I’ve seen in the past week…

A physical therapist, researcher and professor at the University of Colorado who attends one of my classes was very impressed with the mobility and stability shoulder exercises I taught, and talked to me about partnering. She was also very excited when I shared the direction and philosophy of my business. She reflected the enthusiasm I need to express for myself

The next was completely unbelievable. A woman I know, but not deeply put her trust in me by sharing a significant health challenge she’s facing. Saying I am the first person she’s told outside of family and a few friends. And she asked for my support. So incredibility humbling. She reflected my soft, caring and nurturing side with a little kick ass grit. 

Reflecting like a boss is really about owning your own value. I had to look at the icky stuff to let go of judgement and fear, increase my visibility and self trust, and get clear on the fact that I’ve got this! Always work in progress.

Year end is here… and with Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st – it’s a time of conception.

What reflections are you seeing? 

What are you willing to let go of?

What are you willing to increase?

What do you really want?


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