I started working with Ashley because I needed some help with eating healthy, and knew I needed someone to guide me and keep me accountable. Ashley is gentle, yet firm in her approach. She wasn't going to let me get away with my usual mode of operation -- work, work, work -- do, do do -- foot on the gas pedal without enough space to take care of myself, and enjoy the things and people I love. If she had allowed me to keep "working" so hard, it would have reinforced the idea that when I need a break, I'm somehow being bad, which often ends up with me feeling guilt or shame for not doing things "right", especially when it comes to eating. I learned skills for diversifying my meals, enjoying treats, and creating space in my life for the things that fill me up. This work shifted my beliefs about what eating healthy and self-care actually are for me. Ah, and I learned that eating from a connected place is much more satisfying and nourishing than eating from a place of disconnection.
Qiana Flores

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