Ashley is incredibly apt and knows how to push you to the limit, but not over it. I really didn't know what my physical and mental limits were as far was working out were until I worked with Ashley. I did more push ups and burpees than I could ever imagine and I feel lighter for it.
Point of clarification: I don't mean lighter in poundage. I actually didn't lose much weight. BUT, I am toned up like whoa - building lean muscle. I fit back into my 5 year old little black dress and am no longer busting out of my clothes overall. I am so grateful to Ashley for teaching me a skill that I can't unlearn: how to take the best care of myself and be unapologetic about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this gift!
What were you struggling with before we started working together? I struggled with drying my hair. Literally, my arms were so weak that it was a workout just to towel dry my hair. On top of that I was struggling with intermittent insomnia, moodiness, and low energy levels. I really needed some help getting back to good. What changes are you celebrating now? I am much stronger now, not just in my body but in my willpower. In Ashley's Get Back in the Game package, I committed to four days a week and transition to a healthier diet over 6 months. It was challenging and I remember saying, "This sucks" several times throughout the process. Ashley cheered me on, despite my whining, and was available when I was feeling weak, especially in those stressful times when all I wanted was a friggin cupcake! "It's not that you want the cupcake." She said. "It's knowing why you want it." Now, I can keep up in my day and do not arrive home completely tapped out. This means I have some fuel left to get school work done and share some time with my husband (wink).
Qiana F.

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