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Work With Me

What I know for sure is that if it doesn’t motivate you, it won’t move you! And I maintain that until you connect with YOUR Inner Athlete, you won’t have true control of your weight or your health. 

I understand you’re living a full life and most often times work, daily pressures or health challenges get in the way of connecting with your Inner Athlete. I’ve been there too, I once let my job and social life take precedence over my longing to get fit and healthy. And other times injury kept me sidelined. I know the commitment it takes to condition your body back to health. Self-care, focus, and strength is needed to reclaim and recapture your youth, so you can be ready for anything your life brings you.

Hi, I’m Ashley DePaulis and I offer accountability, coaching, customized planning with step-by-step strategy for big hearted, ambitious and powerful people who want to recapture the energy of their most vital self. 

So many of my clients come to me because they are feeling stuck in a pattern and they long for someone to show them a realistic and sustainable way of living a fit & healthy lifestyle. Through my health and fitness expertise, they leave feeling energized, good in their body, and deeply confident in knowing they can have the life and body they really want.