Meet Your Inner Athlete

Take the first step to ACTIVATING Your Inner Athlete!

Who is YOUR Inner Athlete? What does that mean?

There is a desire inside each of us to feel energetic, alive and strong. Your Inner Athlete gives that place inside our bodies and minds a voice and identity. It connects us with our most playful and resilient self.

The answer you’re looking for doesn’t lie in the “right” diet or workout. Ditching the anxiety, stress and guilt is necessary to begin feeling HEALTHY, ENERGETIC and STRONG. And connecting with your Inner Athlete can help you accomplish this. Curious to know how to make the connection? Take the first step to ACTIVATING Your Inner Athlete!

Reserve your seat for Wednesday, May 24th from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at Intentional Path Wellness by following the ticket link – a confirmation email will follow.


Who Can Benefit?
– Men and women! This is a co-ed event.
– People experiencing or recovering from an injury or dealing with a health challenge
– Athletes & amateur athletes
– People ready to participate once again in the activities they love

What Will You Learn?
– Basic methodologies of how to identify and nourish Your Inner Athlete
– Identify the specific and unique-to-you mindset pattern(s) keeping you stuck, allowing you to avoid      them in the future
– A mental and physical tool set, resulting in consistent communication with Your Inner Athlete
– Strategies to help cultivate and grow Your Inner Athlete connection

Krystal Covington, Founder, Women of Denver –
Ashley D. is an amazing spirit that empowers others to embrace authentic athleticism. She’s also a great workshop trainer and gets a crowd moving, talking and connecting.

What People Are Saying….

“Super helpful. This course was recommended by my physical therapist because I tend to push my body to limits that cause it to fight back with reoccurring injuries. I was immediately able to give my internal thoughts an identity. This helps me not to be so hard on myself for not being “perfect” or able to perform at high levels of intensity – always. I’m finding that I take things less personally because I’m more aware of my triggers {what’s occurring} and tools for how my Inner Athlete can help me pivot.” – Alexa P

“My Inner Athlete is helping me re-define a new normal when it comes to my health.” – Kim J.

“The Meet Your Inner Athlete was helpful in showing me the next best steps to becoming more consistent with my health and fitness routine.” – Jen B.