There are times in life we become separated from our Inner Athlete – we get sick; we get hurt; we have a baby; we get overwhelmed and stressed (and depressed) and we figure that fitness and nutrition are not something we can afford to care about. Yet in truth, we never stop missing that feeling of energy, aliveness, and strength that are hallmarks of our Inner Athlete.

Perhaps you vaguely remember that athlete.  She’s that hardcore feisty warrior princess that used to run in the rain.  He’s that adrenalized powerhouse that used to lift kegs casually over his head.  Or some other version of that lean, vibrant, powerful being you once experienced.

Or perhaps you’ve dealt with a major upheaval in your health, such as cancer, on-going weight gain, or an injury that has kept you sidelined and questioning your identity. If it were only about working out and eating healthy, you’d be doing that, which tells me something else is going on. And I know that when you’ve been able to do things a certain way for so long, when you can’t any longer, no matter what the reason is, it effects your mental fitness and your physical fitness. Now it’s necessary to create a new identity because you’re not the same person with the same motivations.

In my work as a sustainable health practitioner, I’ve come across many mindset patterns that keep people stuck in dis-empowering cycles of “healthy” vs. “unhealthy” living, sometimes for years. Let’s look at the four most common culprits…

The 4 Core Mindset Patterns:

  • I’ll Get to It Later: Putting health on the back burner till a magical day in the future. However that “magical day” thinking often results in a health crisis of some sort – whether it be physical pain, an accident, or dis-ease.
  • I Used to Be Able To: Identifying strongly with an old way of exercising, eating, and/or living that isn’t congruent with your lifestyle today.
  • I Will Eat/Exercise Perfectly: Trying to make sweeping changes all at once.
  • I Already Know How to Eat/Exercise: We all think we do. This is what you tell yourself to keep from learning something new.

The Good News:  there is a powerful antidote to these common core mindset patterns, and it’s called your Inner Athlete, a resilient part of you that isn’t fooled by these attempts to weaken your body and spirit. 

Ignite Your Inner Athlete

Never stop missing that feeling of Energy, Aliveness and Strength that are hallmarks of our Inner Athlete. Recapture both this feeling and accompanying physique!

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